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Some time ago, when Homesite 1.0 was still my editor of choice (yes, that long ago), I had a problem with a client. A small-town newspaper editor wanted a wider audience - the Web. Naturally, she knew nothing about HTML or FTP, and she wasn't about to learn. I thought, "Create a database." I could use an HTML form to collect the text and, voilà, instantly updated pages. But how could she format the text without learning
and ? The boss nixed the idea as too expensive and time-consuming. I probably wasted enough time converting her text to do the database option twice. But I'm not paid to make the Big Decisions. Actually, I couldn't get the problem out of my mind. A client with no other knowledge (except how to get online and how to use a word processor) needed to be able to create and edit HTML documents on a remote server. The only solution is a Web-based W... (more)

AuctionBuilder Pro!1.0 from AbleCommerce

Name your price seems to be the catch-phrase in e-commerce these days. The success of sites like eBay and Priceline testify to that. Not long ago retailers were scrambling to set up online stores. Now they're scrambling to set up online auctions. If you're champing at the auction bit for your own site, or are facing the task of building an auction application for your clients, AuctionBuilder Pro! from AbleCommerce may be just what you need. Having had the experience of writing a custom auction application for one of my own clients, I had some insight into the complexity of the ta... (more)

Studio MX by Macromedia

Dreamweaver has been upgraded to include many features familiar to users of CF Studio, and includes other crucial Web-design applications, specifically Fireworks, Flash, and Freehand. Okay, let's get one thing straight: I don't like WYSIWYG editors for coding. Do not. When I said that to a Macromedia rep on the phone recently, I could feel the wince all the way across the country. "But," I said, after a few heartbeats, "I may change my mind on that." Just so you don't think I was being unfair, I wasn't making a blanket statement. I first used visual Web-design tools with the HTM... (more)

cfx_kmSuite From Hopkins Technology, LLC

Being thrifty, I like to do my own basic car repairs. However, on some of my shade-tree repair jobs, I've run into the problem of not having a specific, but necessary, tool. I often find myself in the same predicament developing applications for my clients' Web sites. I'm cruising along, happily coding away, when out of the blue I suddenly need to do something I've never had to do before. ColdFusion, of course, makes it easy when you run into a problem. You just write a custom tag to do the job, throwing in Java or anything else that catches your fancy, and continue on with life.... (more)

ColdFusion MX by Macromedia

CFhas been rewritten using Java technology, and is much more than just a way for Web pages to interact with databases. You could say that the fax machine revolutionized the business world. No more waiting for contracts as they made their slow progression from one mailbox to another. No more days and weeks passing as you shuttled layouts to your client, and they sent back the revisions and you sent back new layouts....It ate into companies' profits. But with the fax machine, anything that could be put on a piece of paper could be sent anywhere in the world in a fraction of the tim... (more)